Billi wills wissen: Klima in der Steinzeit

produced by: Lennart Charfreitag, Hauke Roth, Kion Sell (from schools in Kiel and surroundings), with Elisabeth Matthewes a. Moses Merkle (freelance consultants), Claudia Ehlert and Jürgen Mallon (SFB 754, TP B7, IFM-GEOMAR).

date: Jul. 2010

length: 08:12 min

contents: Curious Billi wants to know how the climate was during the Stone Age. In his search for answers, he arrives at IFM-GEOMAR where a scientist introduces him to foraminifera and explains how these unicellular organisms help scientists investigate past climates.

accompanying material: -


Billi wills wissen: Klima in der Steinzeit

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