Press Echo

Reports in the media on the school programme of SFBs 574 und 754:


INDP promove intercâmbio científico internacional sobre o mar no Mindelo
artiletra, Cape Verde, February 2011 (download with kind permission by INDP)

Cabo Verde e Alemanha trocam informações sobre ecossistemas marinhos e oceânicos
ASemana, Cape Verde, 13.02.2011

Good climate during pupils' presentations - scientists pleased by results
Kieler Nachrichten, 05.02.2011

With scientists on tour
Eckernförder Zeitung, 05.08.2010

Diary from onboard Sonne. How the only female crew-member handles her "silly billys"
Kieler Nachrichten, 28.07.2010

On tour with "Sonne" (telephone interview)
NDR 1 Welle Nord, in "Schleswig-Holstein von 10 bis 2", 28.07.2010

Vacation job "volcano research"
DRadio Wissen (Deutschlandradio), 27.07.2010

Diary from onboard Sonne. Half-time roundup: "A pity that the 2 weeks will be over soon"
Kieler Nachrichten, 24.07.2010

Comprehensible Science - video summer course at IFM-GEOMAR
NDR 1 Welle Nord, in "Von Binnenland und Waterkant", 23.07.2010

Diary from onboard Sonne. The most important number on board is "100"
Kieler Nachrichten, 22.07.2010

On a research cruise during summer vacation.
Deutsche Schiffahrts-Zeitung, 21.07.2010

Diary from onboard Sonne. Even scientists like to dig into cold mud.
Kieler Nachrichten, 20.07.2010

Diary from onboard Sonne. Security first: during practice-alarm the complete crew has to be on deck
Kieler Nachrichten, 19.07.2010

Diary from onboard Sonne. Swell gets to many on board.
Kieler Nachrichten, 17.07.2010

During summer vacation onto "Sonne"
Eckernförder Zeitung, 15.07.2010

Pupils join "Sonne"-expedition in the eastern Pacific.
Kieler Nachrichten, 13.07.2010

GEOMAR offers seminar for pupils.
Kieler Nachrichten, 08.07.2010

How do nutrients get into the water? Pupils of Abendgymnasium Ravensberg visit IFM-GEOMAR for a day.
Kieler Nachrichten, 25.05.2010 

With volcanologists in Chile - For his extended thesis a Waldorf-pupil from Kiel was allowed to accompany the scientists.
Kieler Nachrichten, 08.05.2010

Experiencing marine research from up-close - Pupils visit "Meteor" on Cape Verde
Kieler Nachrichten, 02.01.2010